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The Power Cooler can reduce the in-take air temperature
by as much as 70%
which vastly improves not only power and torque, but
reliability as well
  · Optimurn Power & Torque
· Smoothness in Driveability
· Excellent Value for Money
· Standard Service Schedules
· Improved Fuel Consumption
· Improved Engine Durability
· Lower Engine Operating Temperatures
· Greater Towing & Overtaking Ability

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When it comes to your motor vehicle, bakkie, SUV or truck, the best way to ensure consistent performance is through the fitment of a high quality   intercooler. It is imperative though that the proper sized intercooler is fitted to your vehicle. Failure to do so will result in a loss of performance from your vehicle.

Here are some tips on selecting the correct size of intercooler for your vehicle :

  • If a smaller sized intercooler has been designed correctly in terms of proper venting it could not only be more cost effective but also more effective in terms of performance.
  • It is important to either have prior knowledge regarding intercoolers, consult a professional intercooler manufacturer or do thorough research on intercoolers before you purchase any item. These are the only ways in which you will be able to make an informed decision regarding the correct inter-cooling system for your vehicle.
  • While you are conducting your research, make sure that your preferred intercooler has been tested for important features like efficiency, psi loss, design and the effect it will have on the engine of your vehicle. You should not purchase an intercooler if you do not have full knowledge on the above important points as these will determine what effect it will have on the engine.
  • You should not purchase an intercooler if you do not have full knowledge on the above important points as these will determine what effect it will have on your vehicle's engine and performance.

As mentioned, in order for you to be able to select the correct type and size of intercooler for your vehicle, it is important for you to have prior knowledge on what an intercooler is and how it functions.


Important functions of an intercooler :

  • Basically an intercooler lessens the levels of heat release that is generated by the turbocharger's compression.
  • It functions in the way that it moves the hot air through the different channels of the intercooler which is then cooled off by air or water.
  • The intercooler plays a very important role in the engine functioning correctly in the way that it prevents the possibility of detonation.
  • Detonation is caused when diesel or petrol prematurely heats up due to the amount of friction and heat within the engine.
  • Detonation is able to cause extreme stress to the components within the engine that could lead to major damage in terms of the overheating of the engine and its components.

As can be clearly seen, a high quality intercooler should conform to the strictest safety standards and possess all the necessary features in order to keep the engine cool and safe at all times.

Dastek Power is a proud supplier of various intercoolers and offer intercoolers for sale in South Africa throughout various cities. Contact one of our fitment centers for professional assistance and helpful tips on selecting the best intercooler for your vehicle.
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