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Nissan Navara 2.5 dCi
Dastek Power Plug | Performance ECU tuning
Power & Torque Gains

Nissan Navara 2.5 dCi | Pre-programmed OBD II mapping | ECU performance chip tuning
356Nm 392Nm
106kW 116kW
Unleash the full potential of your Nissan Navara 2.5 dCi!
Dastek Power Nissan Navara – Adding Bang To The Bling
Nissan has redefined the double cab market over the past few years. They have taken a traditional workhorse and made it into a must have luxury accessory in the form of the Navara. Owners of these vehicles have taken this lifestyle offering one step further; they customise these machines to the hilt, and as such, have made them the most blinged double cabs on our roads today. Of course this customising adds that personal touch to each one owned, they look great with their massive alloy wheels and bull bars, and they sound even better with their custom sound installs. But there is a downside to all these extras, and that is aerodynamic drag and extra weight. They rob the Navara of performance; in fact, many customised Navaras go slower than their plainer counterparts. It is a case of show and no go, and this is where master tuners, Dastek Power, step in to offer some performance bang to go with this bling.
Dastek now have an upgrade for the diesel-powered derivatives of the Navara in the form of a modern plug and play unit. This Power Plug as it is known, allows their highly skilled tuners to extract the best out of your particular Navara, whilst keeping all the relevant safety parameters reliably under control. Another positive of this method of tuning, is that there is no cutting of computer wires and the unit can be taken out and put back in by the owner in a matter of minutes should you want to do so.
Now if you have a 4x2 2.5 dCi Navara, making 106 kW and 356 Nm in standard factory trim and would like to see your double cab get the same urge as the more powerful 4x4 diesel model that pushes out a very respectable 128 kW and 403 Nm. Then it is simple, contact Dastek Power and find out where there is a branch near you, and in less than a day your vehicle will be transformed. And if you already have the stronger 4x4 version, and as is always the case, enough is never enough, then you will be happy to know that by doing the same to your off-roader will see the power and torque grow by about another 10%.

Unichip Performance Chip | Pre-programmed ECU tuning

The Dastek performance chip is pre-programmed on a Dynometer, with our extensive ECU tuning / mapping tools, to take into account the tough South African conditions, such as high altitudes, long distances, high speeds, high temperatures and various qualities of diesel. Accurate ECU chip tuning and performance mapping ensures that your Nissan Navara 2.5 performs at its best with effective diesel consumption, power and reliability.
Click Here to contact Dastek for more information on the Power Plug for your vehicle.
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