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Volkswagen Golf 4 1,9 TDi
Dastek Power Plug | Performance Tuning Chips | Uni Chip

Power & Torque Gains &
Performance Test

Volkswagen Golf 4 TDi  | ECU performance tuning chips | Uni chip power
235Nm 300Nm
81kW 95kW
The pre-programmed Power Plug / Unichip simply plugs into the vehicles standard ECU.
Unleash the full potential of your
Volkswagen Golf 4 1,9 TDi!
Tests independently conducted by Adrian Burford of Roadworks cc
Volkswagen Golf 4 TDi  | ECU performance tuning chips | Uni chip power
Conversions to the Golf 4 TDi a give an old-faithful a higher level of overall efficiency and turn a car which is fast-becoming the thinking man’s hot hatch into a vehicle of unsurpassed all-round ability. At Reef altitudes, the Golf is capable of the 0 – 100 km/h sprint in just over nine seconds and a top speed of 198 km/h.
Fortunately the basic Volkswagen mechanical package lends itself very well to this kind of update. The powerplants have different injection systems, but the same basic route is used to extract more from them. Therefore, similar results will be achieved with the 1,9-litre turbodiesel fitted to many VW, Audi, and now SEAT models.
The conversions to the Golf consists of five elements - “Plug ‘n Play” Electronic Control Unit upgrade, upgraded replacement turbo, Gas-flowed cylinder head, 63 mm “catalytic converter-free” free flow exhaust system and air intake system upgrade
The end result is a meaty 125 kW, torque improving by some 18 percent to around 365 Nm. These numbers place it firmly in the upper echelon of the hot hatch class. Power swells from 81 to 108 kW, an increase of 33 percent. As the attached performance results show, effortless overtaking acceleration is a characteristic.
But none of this comes at the expense of mechanical integrity. Thanks to the SAC R&D department, we were able to properly measure and evaluate critical parameters during the R&D process. The results are quantified not only by measuring the increases on a dynamometer, but also with scientifically gathered road test results, usually benchmarked against a standard example of the same car.
Sprint Times Standard   Dastek  
0 - 60 km/h: 4.62 Secs   4.2 Secs  
0 - 80 km/h: 7.41 Secs   6.5 Secs  
0 - 100 km/h: 10.96 Secs   9.1 Secs  
0 - 120 km/h: 16.32 Secs   12.9 Secs  
0 - 400 Metres:
17.98 Secs   16.6 Secs  
TERMINAL SPEED: 128.3 km/h   135.4 km/h  
0 - 1,000 metres: 32.79 Secs   30.4 Secs  
TERMINAL SPEED: 156.3 km/h   170.2 km/h  
VMAX: 191   198  
60 - 100km/h (4th): 8.84 Secs   6.6 Secs  
60 - 100km/h (5th): 12.29 Secs   9.8 Secs  
60 - 120km/h (4th): 10.18 Secs   6.9 Secs  
60 - 120km/h (5th): 13.08 Secs   9 Secs  
All Tests conducted at Gerotek Proving Ground at Reef altitude. Car magazine tests (Std Golf4 TDi) conducted at sea level. All Gerotek test results are an average of two runs in opposite directions. Fuel tank full, driver only. Test data compiled by Adrian Burford of Roadworks, using Racelogic Vbox Test Equipment.
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