Do you want to harness the unmatched power of Unichip, the world’s most powerful tuning chip, without splicing into your vehicle’s wiring system?

The Unichip Powerplug is a custom designed wiring harness that works exclusively with a Unichip. It connects the Unichip with your vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) and can be fitted and removed easily. Each type of Powerplug is designed specifically for a vehicle make and model, which means that it works perfectly with your vehicle’s ECU.

The Unichip Powerplug is the original Plug and Play solution for vehicle tuning and it is the only approved system to fully harness the power of the Unichip.




Since its first introduction, the Unichip Powerplug Plug and Play system has grown in popularity to become the industry standard for tuners who want safe and reliable power gains of up to 30%.

Today, tuners and performance enthusiasts in over 60 countries have installed the Unichip in over 250 000 vehicles. At the same time the advances in the Powerplug system has allowed enthusiasts to read and manipulate virtually every signal from the vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU), opening a world of tuning possibilities that are unmatched by any other performance plug and play system.

Read more about the power of the Unichip here.


At Unichip Powerplug we do not believe that one solution is sufficient for everyone and we certainly do not support the practice of simply boosting fuel pressure to increase vehicle performance. The Unichip Powerplug wiring looms are made with your car, pick-up or SUV in mind and each loom features vehicle specific plugs and wires.

Once you fit a Unichip fitted with the Powerplug wiring loom to your vehicle, you can be sure that it will work perfectly for your vehicle.



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