The Unichip is a full reprogrammable performance enhancing chip that is powerful enough to read and manipulate all the signals sent by the engine’s electronic control unit.

This means that a professional vehicle performance specialist can extract the best performance from your engine in the safest and most reliable way.

Many modern performance chips simply change one or two signals, such as the fuel pressure and throttle response. These signals are changed permanently, which means your vehicle has increased fuel pressure and a more sensitive throttle at all times, regardless of whether it is driving off road, towing a caravan or trailer, driving at very high speeds of driving on a cold winter’s morning.

With a Unichip, the vehicle engineer maps all engine inputs in three dimensions. Put simply, the Unichip will control power delivery using many different engine signals and with consideration of many different environmental factors.

What this means is that, unlike other performance chips, the Unichip will consider engine temperature, usage patterns, fuel mixture, exhaust temperature, speed, driver intention and a myriad of other inputs to give you the best power in the moment.

Read more about the different pre-programmed maps here.

A Unichip Powerplug is a specialised wiring loom that is manufactured by Dastek Power.

Normally, a performance engineer would solder the Unichip directly into your vehicle’s wiring system. This can be prone to error, takes a while to do and cannot be removed easily.

With a Unichip Powerplug, the Unichip is soldered into a custom designed wiring loom than is separate from the vehicle’s own wiring system. This loom is fitted with the same plugs as your vehicle’s electronic plugs, which means that you can simply plug it into your own vehicle’s wiring system when fitting it and you can remove it at any time.

The fitment of a Unichip with a Unichip Powerplug is easy, reliable and fast and you can remove it at any time when you want to service or replace your vehicle.

Dastek Power is the patent holder, designer and manufacturer of the Unichip Powerplug. The company is based in Centurion, South Africa and manufactures and exports the Unichip Powerplug to dealers across the world.

Dastek Power manufactures the Unichip Powerplug system in a high tech facility, where it also tests and designs new wiring looms for new vehicles as they are introduced to the market.

The power increase from your Unchip and Unichip Powerplug will vary, based on the programmed maps on the Unichip, the age and condition of your vehicle and your needs. But in many instances, Unichip can safely extract up to 30% more power from your vehicle.

No. Dastek Power manufactures pre-fitted Unichip Powerplug systems that are already fitted with a Unichip.

You are however free to purchase the Unichip and Unichip Powerplug independently from each other, which simply means that your performance specialist will have to solder the Unichip into the Unichip Powerplug loom before fitting it to your vehicle.

No. The system is fitted into pre-existing electronic plugs, between the engine and the electronic control unit. This means that the system will intercept electronic signals, change them based on your desired performance setting and send them to the various parts of the engine.

No wires on your vehicle are cut or damaged when you fit a Unichip Powerplug.

Despite the safety of a Unichip Powerplug and the fact that you are not cutting any wires in the vehicle’s wiring loom, it is not approved by vehicle manufacturers and may affect your vehicle’s warranty.

Unichip is a piggyback system, which means that it does not permanently change or reprogram the inputs from your vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU). The system simply intercepts the signals, changes them as required and sends them to the various engine components.

If your Unichip has been fitted directly onto the vehicle, it is permanently fixed to the wiring harness. If you have opted for a Unichip Powerplug, you can plug it in and remove it as you wish, such as when you take your vehicle for a service or replace your vehicle.

There are many reasons why you would opt for a Unichip and Unichip Powerplug. Most importantly, the Unichip is a fully reprogrammable computer that takes virtually every engine signal into consideration.

Many performance chips simply increase fuel pressure, boost and throttle input. The feeling of power is great, but there is nothing that monitors engine temperature, changes inputs for different driving needs, measures over-fuelling and the fuel-air mixture or the many other elements that is required to deliver safe power.

In contrast a Unichip considers everything and allows the performance upgrade specialist to safely and reliably get more power from your engine.

Put simply, a Unichip will behave differently when you drive with a cold engine than when you are cruising on the highway. It will also manage fuel pressure under load and with no load differently, to prevent over-fuelling and overheating.

You can also add different performance maps onto one Unichip (depending on the model). Many new Unichip systems offer a standard map, safety map (that cuts all power), a high performance map and, on some vehicles, a technical off road map.

Read more about the various maps here.

Ask your local performance specialist of more benefits of the Unichip and Unichip Powerplug system.

With a Unichip Powerplug system, you simply plug the Unichip into your vehicle and you are ready to go.

Please note that the high performance fitment centres may require your vehicle to be tested on the dynamometer for optimal performance and this may require a short wait.

There are many petrol and diesel vehicles that have custom designed Unichip Powerplug systems. Have a look at our comprehensive list of vehicles here.

Dastek Power regularly add more models, so feel free to contact the team if your vehicle is not listed or you have a specific request.

Reprogramming the vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit can be dangerous and you may lose the ability to revert to the standard settings if something goes wrong.
ECU reprogramming also require a great deal of time and in similar fashion to the simple performance chips on competitor vehicles, this form of performance enhancement does not always consider other factors, such as vehicle temperature and fuel mixture, or allow for different settings for different uses.