Seeking Performance Chips for your Jeep Patriot 2.0CRD to increase performance?

Are your Jeep Patriot 2.0CRD feeling weak, and you are keen to increase its performance with a performance improvement package?

Dastek Power, the creators of the Powerplug system, aren’t any total strangers to the Jeep Patriot 2.0CRD. They have the knowledge, ability and product knowledge to make certain that you get more performance and efficiency from your engine, without negatively affecting your durability.

Dastek Power is situated in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa and distributes the Unichip Powerplug system to partners, resellers and distributers across the whole world. The secret to the success of the Unichip Powerplug is in its design, with a specific Powerplug for each kind of vehicle. That means there is a specific model for your Jeep Patriot 2.0CRD.

Dastek Power the developers of the Unichip Powerplug Plug and Play system, is a high-tech company with significant engineering prowess and access to the latest vehicle performance technology.Each new vehicle that is can use a Unichip performance chip, before the company makes a specific Powerplug for that vehicle.

There is a specific Powerplug wiring loom devised for your Jeep Patriot 2.0CRD that links to every electronic signal sent by your vehicle’s ECU control unit. The Unichip is equipped to this Powerplug wiring loom, which means that the performance upgrade chip manages all the necessary signals without the need to cut into your vehicle’s wiring harness.

With a Unichip Powerplug system, you can simply fit and remove the system, without damaging its wiring harness and you automatically have complete control over the vehicle’s performance.

By controlling virtually any element of your vehicle’s performance, the Unichip can rightly be thought of the most potent performance strengthening computer on the planet. The Powerplug system is created to work exclusively with Unichip.

This way of considering many different engine signals in each program is known as 3D mapping and it is unique to Unichip. Along with the power of the Unichip you can actually ensure that performance would not come at the cost of the durability of your Jeep Patriot 2.0CRD or extreme fuel consumption. You can make sure that you get peak performance from your vehicle, since there is not a one-size-fits-all alternative for all vehicles.

At Dastek Power the team tests every newly developed Powerplug system on a dynamometer to make perfectly sure that the power delivery is repeatable. You may also realise that when you fit a Unichip and Powerplug system, your engine performance on your Jeep Patriot 2.0CRD shall be everything you expect, safely.

The advantages of this performance system are wide ranging and could be programmed for almost every vehicle. Expect unexpected improvements not only on engine performance, but also extremely effective fuel burning, a chance to customize the engine settings within your cabin on certain Unichip models and special safety settings that assist with maintaining your vehicle safe.

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