What is Unichip?

Your vehicle is a beautiful example of modern engine technology in action. Your turbo diesel or petrol engine is far more efficient, delivers more power and uses less fuel. Your car is also fitted with more sensors than ever before and a modern German, Japanese, American or European car literally has kilometres of wiring inside the body that connects all the different sensors and the engine to the central computer, which is called the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

Performance enthusiasts have already figured out that you can remap and reprogram the ECU to make the car perform differently. Since then, they have also figured out that you can fit your own pre-programmed chip to the ECU to make the car perform like you would like it to. But fitting your own chip has proven dangerous and sometimes stupid. Many of these chips can only control one or two signals from the ECU, so they are set to change the fuel mixture and perhaps the boost pressure, without touching anything else. With only one or two changes from your new performance chip, you may soon pick up problems. You may find the engine overheating, the fuel consumption shooting through the roof or the timing system going haywire. These problems can cause damage and often a dealer will be able to pick up from the vehicle’s sensors that you have tampered with the ECU.

Enter the Unichip. This is undoubtedly the most advanced performance chip in the world, because it can take over virtually all the vehicle’s controls from the ECU and you can programme it specifically for your engine and your needs. The Unichip does not replace the ECU, but it is fitted between the ECU and the engine sensors. It receives the signals from the engine control unit, translates every single one and sends it to the engine and other sensors. As an example the Unichip could increase the fuel pressure, monitoring boost and injector performance and managing ignition – all at the same time. This means you get reliable, safe and repeatable engine power every time you step on the throttle. But to fit a Unichip, you need professional help from specialists like Dastek Power. Read more about the work and research of Dastek Power here.