Why choose a Unichip Powerplug Plug and Play system?

Vehicle performance improvements have come a long way over the last few decades. The lost art of tuning your carburettor was replaced with more electronic programming in the advent of electronic control units. But reprogramming your electronic control unit is not the ideal. Modern vehicles are fitted with tamperproof electronic control units (ECU) and often with black box diagnostics that detects tampering and voids a vehicle’s warranty.

More importantly the reprogramming of an ECU is a long and costly exercise, and you have to revisit the programmer if you want to make any changes. The next evolution of performance enhancement was the creation of the Unichip. Unichip is undoubtedly the most powerful performance chip in the world today as it can be reprogrammed many times over. More importantly, your chosen Unichip contains specific engine maps for your car, so the performance maps for a Toyota Hilux D-4D will be very different to that of a Ford Ranger TDCi or Volkswagen Amarok TDI.

Every Unichip monitors hundreds of performance metrics, including fuel mixture, temperature, engine speed, engine load, driver inputs and intention and power delivery under the specific driving conditions. This makes it far superior to home-install chips that are manufactured in bulk and merely increase fuel pressure or boost. But fitting a Unichip directly onto a vehicle’s wiring harness is their job best left to the specialists. Each vehicle brand and model has its own unique wiring harness and cutting into wires can void your car, bakkie or SUV’s warranty.

To solve this problem Dastek Power has created Unichip Powerplug. Our team of engineers designs a wiring loom for every type of vehicle and then solder the Unichip harness onto this loom, creating a fool proof Plug and Play device. You can then simply plug your Unichip in or out as you need to. With the Powerplug, a Unichip becomes a powerful piggyback system that takes the data from the ECU and sensors, translates it into more power, or more efficiency for fuel consumption depending on the setting, and sends it to the engine and sensors or ECU. You have the added benefit of removing the Unichip Power Plug when your vehicle goes for its service or when you sell your vehicle, leaving all the wires in tact and with no trace of any performance enhancement.